Experience & innovation at one place - The Dramatic Mandir.

A place where we capture life’s moments, crafting memories for life. Filmmaking is our passion, which we endeavour to fulfill with perseverance & grant it poetic justice. We thrive on being unique & authentic in a world which loves being monotonous.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, one which originated even before the written word itself. It was a way of informing others, especially the young ones about the ways of life in a fun, engaging manner, Over the years we’ve moved on to filmmaking where the purpose is still the same, sculpting a masterpiece story which strikes a chord.

Making imagination into a reality is our speciality. Everything you can imagine, can be made into an arresting & engaging content. Everything we create is with the heart, but built with the mind. We pull all the stops to turn your vision into a mesmerizingly beautiful reality. Drama runs in our veins, hence the name - The Dramatic Mandir.

We believe, ​implementation beats oration.

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Method to our Madness

Creatively artistic but engaging to the T is a balance we are compelled to achieve.

Movie Mavericks

When you decide to work with The Dramatic Mandir, we have the master’s touch to all your needs. Our team is a bunch of fresh & exuberant, movie magicians who have their hearts set on excellence in every take.

A talent-friendly, passionate and crafty production house.

Why us?


Connoisseur in visual storytelling, The Dramatic Mandir is your go-to source for motion picture production. From development to production, our company is here to transmit your sublime ideas into a stunning visual representation. Explore our videos, services and all things cinema.

We have helmed many illustrious projects over the years and have also participated in the 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge. Exploring new projects is our hobby.

Having effectuated various projects, we’ve learnt to appreciate the nuances of filmmaking. A slight tweak in any aspect can cause a ripple of change to the final product.

Not only are we cost-effective but also exceptionally efficient with all things cinema! Phenomenal production intertwined with over 4 years of work experience, what more could you ask for?

We take up various audio-visual medium projects like:

  1. Feature films
  2. Web series
  3. Short films
  4. Commercial AD films
  5. Music Videos and Covers
  6. Documentaries
  7. Corporate AV
  8. Photography
    • A. Product
    • B. Fashion
    • C. Potrait
    • D. Corporate

Our Work